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Carton Flow

Type of shelving that uses gravity to transfer goods from point A to point B

How does it work?

Each unit consists of one or more sloped tracks. Goods are loaded into the back of each runway until the tunnel is full. Whenever an item is removed from the front, the items behind slide forward instead of the one taken away.

With the increase in diversity and the range of products, the need for warehouse management also increases, especially during the picking process.


Front with label holder

Front profile specially designed to facilitate use of labels or system
with pick-by-light display

Drop out

The sloped picking shelf optimizes picking of goods

Upright adapter

For the integration of flow beds in any pallet rack. Adjustable in increments of 20 mm or 25 mm

Roller tracks

The rollers are made of high quality plastic running on steel axles. The tracks can be adjusted laterally in increments of 5.5 or 7.5 mm

Brake Clip

Used to slow down goods before reaching the end stop. Available in various lengths

Full length divider

For separating adjacent lanes. Can be adjusted without tools

Racking structure

Uprights, frames and beams are available in almost any dimension

Live storage beds

Consist of front and back beam, two side profiles and, if needed, intermediate beams

Integration in existing systems

Upright adapters ensure integration in any pallet rack.
The bed width can be adapted to the existing width between uprights.

Above the carton live frames, further levels for pallet storage can be provided.
The buffer storage increases the replenishment speed of the carton live system.

Weight range

Depending on the loads imposed, the bedwork will be equipped with more intermediate beams or higher guage steel.

With this flexible design, single unit weights up to 40 kg and bed loads up to 2,500 kg
can be implemented with standard beds of 2,700 x 2,500 mm.
Bed widths up to 3,000 mm are available.

Assembly and adjustment

The live storage beds are easy to install.
Should the product range change, the beds can easily be adapted to other box sizes.

Integration of conveyors

For moving the picked items down the line a conveyor can be mounted in front of the live storage system. An interesting feature can be a pick-to-light system to increase the productivity even more.