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Motorized Roller Conveyors

Freight transfer with
autonomous movement

What is this?

It is a type of roller equipped with a motor and traction that allows the autonomous
and continuous movement of the packages.

Their use guarantees an increase of the efficiency of the transfer of goods.

Motorized rollers can be
divided into two categories:

Rollers with motorized conveyors with chains

  1. Rollers with motorized conveyors with belt


They are used for horizontal handling, or with a slight slope of loads regardless of weight, level of fragility or shapes.

How does it work?

The system consists of a series of rollers which, supported by a structure, allows the handling of the packages thanks to the transmission of the command with a tangential chain (continuous) or with chain rings (from roller to roller).

Both solutions require regular lubrication of the chain and the use of a recommended
speed of max 0.5 m / s to limit operating noise.

In roller conveyors with tangential chains, the chain connects the crowns of each roller reducing the friction on the gears. The chain can run both in the upper and in the lower part of the rollers and its characteristics determine the length of the conveyor. This solution is recommended for moving medium-light loads over long distances.

In the roller conveyors with chain rings, the transmission of motion occurs with a chain that connects each roller to the next through a ring system. This system is indicated when frequent operation and movement of heavy loads over short distances is required.


How does it work?

In this system, the series of rollers receive their commands from a belt, an element made of elastic material stretched between the drive drum and the return drum. The pressure rollers keep the belt in contact with the supporting rollers, the belt running under the supporting rollers transmits motion to them.

This type of roller conveyor allows the transport of large varieties of packages weighing less than 30 kg. The transport takes place on level ground, but possibly a sloping path is also created, paying attention to compliance with the adhesion
between the package and the roller.



High speed

Security for delicate goods

absence of mechanical
parts to grease