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Vertical Warehouses

An excellent tool for the recovery of the spaces occupied by traditional structures

What is it?

Automatic vertical warehouses use metal structures that move between two or more rows of shelving to carry out the operations of picking up and depositing the loads.

The stored containers consist of trays that can be adapted to the
specific characteristics of the materials.

How does it work?

The entire structure is isolated by walls.
The only openings consist of one or more bays through which the system
makes the trays available.

The system is controlled by the VMS software.

Thanks to an optical system and a laser pointer, the selected product is
indicated inside the tray.


 Recovery of up to 80% of the spaces occupied by traditional structures

Reduction of inefficiency times


Reduction of resources


Increase of storage capacities (weights and volumes)
for the same occupied land

Job security

Quick recovery of the investment

Protection of materials


Elevation of innovative growth
of the company and its technological image